What Is The Difference Between Normal Massage and Erotic Massage

You might be new to massage therapy and naturally curious of what differences there are between normal massage and erotic massage. The phrase “normal massage” denotes several and different types of massage whereas erotic massage specifically means a sexual massage that is purposefully meant to excite sexual energy of the client by touching erogenous zones. The most striking difference between normal massage and erotic massage is the manner in which they are administered and the inclusion or exclusion of touching the genitals.

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Normal massage is popularly known as a traditional massage, which comes in different various. Normal massage therapy aims at proffering health benefits such as stress relief, physical relaxation by “stretching” the body’s deep tissue and “resetting” their centering. The most common forms of traditional massage include Shiatsu massage, Hot stone massage, Swedish massage and Chair massage. If you book a normal massage session, you should expect any of the above unless you specify a particular type of traditional massage.
Traditional massages serve the need of relieving mild stress and relaxation from physical exhaustion. The techniques applied in normal massage act on your muscles and pressure points technically known as meridians. This is a method that really works by releasing the pressure out of your body tissue and muscles for total relaxation. The masseuse or therapist administering a traditional massage to you will trigger the body to release fatigue by focusing on these points which signal pain in your body. Attending to the pressure points is meant to cycle the pressure out of the body and release it to eliminate pain.

Erotic massage0wffyxdvg30

On the other hand, Erotic massage is a full-body massage that involves attentive deep massage of the entire body with a deep focus on your erogenous zones. Erotic massage is purposely meant to excite the erogenous zones of the client to pleasure them. Erotic massage therapy is good for both relaxation stress relief since it focuses on sexual energy, which influences mood and emotional well-being. Although it is largely designed to give pleasure and relaxation, the resulting arousal comes with various benefits that positively affect hormone secreting organs of the body which results in balanced emotions and mood.


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