What Is The Risk Of Erotic Massage

Is Erotic massage a health risk?

Often times, people consider massage therapy a safe therapy. However, it is not uncommon for health conscious people to wonder whether massage therapy is risky. If you are wondering what the possible risks of massage therapy could be, read on. Erotic massage is among the top ranking forms of massage and it is generally considered a safe therapy. However, as there are risks with normal massages, there are also health risks that come with Erotic Massage.1grchmjb3xm
What is the risk of erotic massage therapy? Although serious health risks and side effects are uncommon in massage therapy, there is the risk of contracting contagious diseases, inflammatory conditions, blood clots, skin allergies and varicose veins.
If you are getting an erotic massage from a consensual partner, the risks named above are likely to affect you. However, the risk is minimal since these side effects cannot get you unless your partner has an infection or their hygiene is substandard or downright poor.

Five Health Risks of Erotic massage

First, the risk of getting an infection or a contagious disease from erotic massage is only applicable if your partner has either of the following, skin lushes, ringworms, scabies, fungal infection or foot-and moth disease, which are easily communicable or airborne. It is also rare to get sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) unless your erotic massage session involves sexual intercourse and exchange of body fluids such as semen.
Second, the risk of getting an inflammatory condition from receiving an Erotic massage is minimal, but risky for people with conditions like arthritis which causes swellings in specific parts of the body it can be detrimental to them if not professionally massaged.
The third risk of receiving an Erotic massage is varicose veins. This is dangerous for people suffering from this condition, which causes the swelling of veins. Since the veins affected by Varicose veins are dysfunctional, massaging the parts affected by this condition is painful to the client and causes the condition to worsen.
The fourth risk of Erotic massage is susceptibility to blood clots. People who have previously suffered from blood clots or problems related to blood-clotting are at a risk of making the problem resurface. In reality, giving a sensual massage to a person with blood clot can result in the dislocation of the clot making it travel through the body and cause the malfunction of major organs such as, the heart or brain.
The fifth and the last risk of erotic massage is developing an allergy to massage oils used in erotic massage therapy. The human skin is highly sensitive and allergic to certain allergens such as latex and this could cause allergic reactions. Furthermore, erotic massage involves sensitive skin tissue such as the genitals, which are highly sensitive and likely to be irritated by substandard massage oils.


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